2021 'the body is my first mother',


2021 'The indifference of bystanders', The body is my first mother,

2020 'to catch a tiger, act like a pig / Manifest!', Fishers Ghost Art Prize Finalists Show,  Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney, AU

2020  'The indifference of bystanders', Sports Show, PARI Gallery, Sydney, AU

2020 'to catch a tiger, act like a pig / Manifest!', Coup De Foudre, Insurgency Gallery, UK

2017  ‘i gave birth to myself', Koumbah Janneh & Samia Sayed, Strength in Visions, Curated by Bex Davis, Melbourne Fringe Festival, AU

2017you’re my mecca’, Koumbah Janneh & Samia Sayed, Of All Others, curated by Kate Britton, Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney, AU


2018 ‘Ultimate Devotion’, Samia Sayed, All Ears, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney, AU. Vocalist

2017 ‘The Fall’, Angela Tiatia, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore. Researcher and featured

2016 ‘The future is already here it’s just not evenly distributed’, Oscar Murillo, Sydney Biennale, AU. Researcher and featured


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